Primary School No. 4 is situated in a quiet district of Radom, a city with about 220 inhabitants that is situated 100 km south ofPoland’s capital –Warsaw. Being one of the biggest schools in the town, it has more than 1000 students at the age of 5 – 12 and about 83 teachers. Its spacious and modern building consists of  14 classrooms, 3 computer rooms with the access to the Internet, a day-care room, a canteen, a library, 2 gyms and a playground that is next to the swimming-pool.

As far as special needs of our learners are concerned, there is an opportunity to attend integrated or sports classes. What is more, the school offers a continually expanding range of extra-curricular activities, tailored to meet the needs of children at different stages of their education. Art, drama, music, languages, sports and science classes are especially popular with our learners. There are also various remedial courses to help students overcome certain learning problems.

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