Do something useful

1.1  Make toys, board games etc. for younger children

Make younger children happy by creating

1.1.1 handmade toys

1.1.2 board games

1.1.3 colouring pages

1.1.4 puppets, masks, costumes

1.1.5 things making learning fun


1.2  Organize an event, a performance, charity collection, help old people

Make someone else happy by

1.2.1 organizing an event for children (sports/arts/photo etc. competition, treasure hunt, different workshops, football or other sports training, carnival for younger children, sports day, photo exhibition, ...), 

1.2.2 organizing a performance (theatre performance, puppet show, concert for younger children or even better with younger children),

1.2.3 organizing a charity collection (organize a charity collection to support people in need),

1.2.4 helping old people (prepare a performance for people living in a retirement home, help older people with some tasks, teach them how to use computers, go for a walk with them, ...)


1.3  Help animals and the environment

Do something that will help animals and the environment

1.3.1 Make a nesting box

1.3.2 Help an animal shelter

1.3.3 Protect the environment


1.4  Organize a campaign

Choose an important topic and inform people about it. 

1.4.1 For example, show people how smoking is dangerous, what fast driving can cause, show people how we should help each other…

1.5  Make a useful website or Facebook page

1.5.1 For example, inform about first aid or learning English or any other useful topic (use videos, tutorials, video dictionary etc.)

1.6  Create special cards for other people

Create cards and then make other people happy! For example you can create

1.6.1 Christmas/Easter/New Year cards

1.6.2 Special birthday cards

1.6.3 Motivational and inspirational cards

1.6.4 Thank you cards for family members, friends, doctors, teachers, coaches etc. 

1.6.5 Funny cards and anti-stress cards

1.6.6 Learning cards 

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