Experiment, observe, document

4.1 Document Science experiments

Show your peers your Science experiments

4.1.1 make a tornado in a bottle,

4.1.2 a rainbow,

4.1.3 a bottle rocket,

4.1.4 a marshmallow catapult,

4.1.5 make a car or boat model,

4.1.6 write secret messages with invisible ink,

4.1.7 measure how much air your lung can hold,

4.1.8 make a vinegar volcano,

4.1.9 other experiments


4.2 Observe and document the world around you

4.2.1 use a microscope to discover microscopic creatures

4.2.2 observe animals, weather conditions, stars, living things

4.2.3 collect data, document how plants grow, what plants need, survey things around you

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