OŠ Jurja Šižgorića is elementary school  situated in a beautiful little town of Šibenik, Croatia, right on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The building itself is an older one, but its pupils and teacher staff keep making it modern and up to date.

There are around 400 pupils, from the age of 7 to 15. We have pupils with mixed abilities, ranging from gifted ones to those with special needs, social issues or behaviour problems. We are working on the integration of pupils with bigger disabilities  in regular classes. We have a team of experts consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists and special education teachers, working with pupils on different programs.

Our school is respected and appreciated for its friendly atmosphere, zero tolerance to violence policy, enthusiastic staff and teachers, expanding varieties of extra-curriculum activities and good IT equipment.

In recent years we have taken part in several e-twinning projects and one Comenius Project as well. That experience made us realize how important and rewarding it is to expose our pupils to different cultures, different types of activities and an everyday usage of foreign language in a real time situation. By improving the quality of education processes we would train students for independent and responsible life and respect of fundamental human values, mutual cooperation and tolerance. We would like to help them become more self-confident, stimulate their personal motivation and engagement and give them an input which would enrich their knowledge of modern technologies.

In last couple of years we've done a lot in trying to change the way of teaching and learning, by using modern technologies. On that matter, we are proud to say that we are the only elementary school in our town, which was chosen to take part in a new program of technological  development, which will start from next school year, 2015/2016. Within it, our school is going to get fully equipped by tablets, e-books, smart boards and other IT devices which will take the education possibilities on an even higher level.


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