Challenge! meeting the Czech Republic

It was planned that the second learning activity would take place in June 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. However, because of the terrorist attacks in Ankara, the activity had to be cancelled. The team agreed on organizing the learning activity in Poland in 2016 instead of 2017. And the planned meeting in Poland in 2017 was replaced by another meeting in the Czech Republic in 2017.

The meeting in the Czech Republic was held from 24th to 28th April 2017. Students working in international teams took part in various challenges and tasks. Students observed an opening ceremony, played ice breaker games, watched videos introducing each school, which were prepared before the learning acitivity. Videos and facts about schools were discussed and compared. After that, international teams created presentations about School of the future and presented their ideas to the others. Groups also set up their own training companies produicing T-shirts. Each team agreed on their company name, target group and slogan, made three T-shirt designs that were transfered on T-shirts, created video adverts and presented their work to others. Besides, they participated in other challenges such as sports tasks and Invisible Exhibition in Prague. 

Reportage about the meeting

Michal Přibyl | 20.08.2017 at 22:49

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