Challenge! meeting in Poland

It was planned that the second learning activity would take place in June 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. However, because of the terrorist attacks in Ankara, the activity had to be cancelled. The team agreed on organising the learning activity in Poland instead.

Despite the fact that the Polish school did not have as much time for the preparation, the Polish teachers did their best and managed to organize everything perfectly. Before the meeting, the students taking part in the meeting exchanged letters about themselves and started communicating on-line. Each participating school dealt with creating T-shirt designs in order to be prepared for the meeting in Poland.

The meeting in Poland was held from 13th to 17th June 2016. During the meeting, the guests visited the Polish school, watched the Opening Ceremony Poland in a Nutshell, international teams of students took part in a wide range of challenges including designing T-shirts, film making, playing basketball, bowling, cheerleader workshop, cooking challenge and treasure hunt. The guests learned more about Polish school system, local culture and traditions. The Polish school organized International Evening, which was attended by all participants and hosting families. As well as this, the project team discussed project activities, evaluated them and planned the upcoming activities and updated the project timetable. The learning activity was evaluated by students, teachers and hosting families and absolute majority evaluated it very positively. 


TV reportage about the meeting in Poland

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